Monday, May 4, 2009

Come What May and Love It

What a cutie? I have decided to embrace her big blue eyes, I was so hoping for green eyes since all of Gary's family and I have green eyes it was a no brainer right? oh well what can you do?

As much as I wish I could say we are going to live _____ ( insert best possible place to live) We still do not know where we are living, a week until graduation and we still have no idea. however Gary did interview in Iowa Falls and we are hoping for a job offer. I guess technically Hy-Vee has to provide him a job because he has signed on with them but who knows?

So with all of this uncertainty i have embraced Elder Wirthlin's talk Come what May and Love it. This realization came at the time when I needed it most. If we are meant to go to Iowa Falls I wonder why and who in their right mind would want to live there? I came across his talk when I was feeling why us? It taught me that you have to have adversity in your life to become stronger and to find who you really are while relying on your faith and testimony of Christ. the phrase "Come What May and Love It" has changed my out look on many things, it first makes me grateful for the amazing things in my life. It makes me look back on the things I have overcome and what I have learned, and it makes me realize that what I have right now is what we need. As I was pondering this I couldn't help but to think at what an amazing life I have and what Gary has created for Chloe and I. I am one of the luckist mom's that get to stay home because we don't need two incomes, I get to embrace my true role as a mom to nurture my family. Thank you Gar for going to school for 10 years to get a job so I can nurture our family, it means so much to me that you love me so much to go school and to work just so I can stay home and take care of Chloe, I couldn't ask for anything more in my life!

I have included the talk from Elder Wirthlins talk "come what may and love it"
that has inspired me to view my opposition in a different light.


Katie said...

How neat. Thanks for sharing and good luck. See you on Saturday!

nathan n rachel said...

What adorable eyes Lisa.