Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Family Pictures

They say that Pictures are worth a thousand words, so my post will be brief, We are having a nice relaxing Fall, Accept for poor Gar, hes working crazy hours because of flu shot clinics, (a good reminder to those that haven't gotten their flu shots yet)

These pictures were mostly taken at Foster Park, it's a beautiful park in town with the river bank partly surrounding it, we love the park for the playground, and it's a 30 min. walk from our house!

Chloe is growing so fast! her vocabulary is expanding every day! She is learning about Baby Brother, just last night we were eating pop corn and watching Bambi (she likes it) and she was trying to feed by belly popcorn for Baby Brother, I told her that I eat for him right now and if she would feed me, Baby Brother would get it, how cute is that? Her other favorite past time is placing her head on my belly and feeling Baby Brother move! She is a Doll, A Rock Star and a princess these days and sometimes she says she is a Monster (no disagreements here!)

Anyway I hope all of you are having a wonderful Autum time, we sure are, just missing daddy during those long days of him working!