Sunday, July 6, 2008

So a lot can happen in two months, or less. Gary and I are back in our apartment from the Iowa City flooding, and we are doing good. After finding out that we had to evacuate our apartment and be out of our home in less then 24 hours we had two choices, stay at a dorm room on campus, or find another place to stay for 2 weeks! I was completely horrified as to where we were going to go in such little time, when the whole city was evacuating. We were extremely lucky that we have some amazing friends that would let us live in their apartment and that with in 2-3 hours we had friends call us to make sure that we didn't need any help! We found a place to stay in West Liberty about 2o miles East of Iowa City, at "Stu's House" Stu is a good friend of Gary's from School, His wife Becky was leaving for California the next day and wouldn't be back in to town for a week or so, and Stu was living with Gary's parents because of a rotation in Des Moines. They were needing some one to house sit that week as they have two cats and a house. So it worked out better than any one could have planned!

Lessons I have learned from the flood and evacuating your apartment:
1.) I will never complain about getting a top floor apartment ( I was sad when I found out that I couldn't take our awesome water bed with us when we moved in, and wanted a bottom floor apartment.)
2.) Be ready for anything! We literally had 3 hours to pack everything up before we had no electricity to help us pack! From the time we realized that we had to pack up and leave for two weeks, got home and started packing the electricity shut off at 9:00 pm giving us about 3 hours of light. Luckily we had a cell phone and a ton of tea light candles to help us see.
3.) Always have your medicines stocked up. I didn't have a problem but it's one less thing I had to worry about.
4.) Always have enough gas in your tank to get out of town in you need to.
5.) Don't be 5 weeks pregnant and go with out comfort food, aka: strawberries, chips and salsa, yogurt, and other yummy foods.

Opps did I slip on the 5th lesson? Yes, Gary and I are so excited we are expecting our first little bundle of joy in January! Yay, I am so excited and always tiered or hungry and sometimes I have to pick which one I need more, usually it's sleep! Although If I am not tired, I am wanting strawberries.

So since poor Gary has to deal with grumpy tired hungry Lisa, he has been letting me sleep a lot and doing more house work and he's been letting me decide what to eat for supper, luckily it's been quick and easy and lots of pizza (yum yum), although I am pretty sure that the baby will want pizza as soon as he can eat real food, I do eat a lot of strawberries smoothies for supper, in that case Gary eats whatever. The other fun thing that Gary lets Lisa do is decide what I want to do on our free time... Which has involved going to see movies.

We have seen two movies since I became pregnant, I love movie Popcorn and since we only get it when we go to a movie, it seemed reasonable enough to curb my craving. We saw Indiana Jones and Get Smart, both great movies and well worth eating popcorn! the next movie we will have to see will have to be Batman, I am not a huge Batman fan although Gary is, but I can see it for the popcorn and the really awesome reason why I will go see Batman is because Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince will have a trailer, that is enough to but all crazy hormones and fear of the joker to rest as long as I can see the Harry Potter trailer and mmmmmm Pop Corn!

Now that I am feeling better I hope to update our blog weekly; and sometimes daily.... with recipes and what ever.