Wednesday, June 30, 2010

DIY Fence

Yes this is our house when we bought it, you can even see the for sale sign in front, We fell in love with this house and were super excited to move into our first house (after living in apartments and at "home" for 6 years) do you see how you can't really see the house? yeah the trees needed trimmed. Also do you see the hedges, I wish I had a better picture of the hedges, they were in bad shape... and they really didn't help our landscape, or how much yard we truly could have so...

We took the hedges out and put up a fence on our property line... which is skewed quite a bit, instead of our lot line being a perfect square it's skewed to the East and west, I know all of this because I had to make a trip to our county auditor office and research the land and get the plot map for the Sunset Addition, since the city had never got this land surveyed. (we are thinking what sort of city wouldn't have gotten this land surveyed right?) So we had our uncle Dave who use to be a surveyor for Polk co. come out and surveyed the land.

Although you can't tell that our fence is skewed from the picture, you can sorta tell when looking from it in our back yard

"Our getting there back yard", I say that because you can see where there is a patch of dirt, that is were our tree stump was, we got two tree stumps removed in our back yard when we had our hedges removed. We are going to need a ton of grass seed, as the hedges were taking up a lot of space in our yard.

This might seem like an ordinary gate, in fact it is, but the workman ship of it, is amazing to me! Gar's dad is an amazing skilled carpenter! The two gates he made for us, to me is something I could never create or try. He bought the hardware and then was able to do it all from his head! wow. Of course the fence was made possible by lots of people including mom/Grandma (Mel) Joe (Gary's brother) Brian, the Fulmers (they helped us finish the pickets, so the project could be done among being there three out of the four days were were working on it! Steven E, Uncle Jim and Matt H. was able to rent a skid loader with a post hole digger attachment to get all the holes dug in one night, he was our hero Friday night when things were not looking so hot...

this is the side that Gary and I mostly did, we had help, lots of help but this was our little bit of contribution, and I am just meaning that we put the pickets on, not the whole fence part, when it comes to handy man and building skills we both lack a lot of those skills. Thank heaven for family and friends that know thier stuff! see all that dirt? that is were the hedges use to be and now we have like 5 more feet on both sides of back yard we can use! we now have a huge back yard!

This last weekend we had about 6 inches of rain, so that mud that we had to work around was not easy to work around, it has been dry for 3 days now and you can still see how wet the dirt is! it was nuts, they guys didn't have to add much water to the concrete since there was so much water in the holes when we were going to set the posts! This fencing project was all done in 4 days! all 130 odd feet of fencing! with 24 posts to set, and 330 odd pickets! All I can say is thank you for everyone who helped with our big project for the year! we are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends that like to help us!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fathers day pics

Yep that's me with short hair! I love it! I was able to donate 8 inches of hair to Beautiful lenghts, Although it's a change I am grateful to have such great hair that grows so fast so I can donate hair (3rd time)

We had a great Fathers Day weekend, it was a great weekend to show our dads how much we love them!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Althought I haven't gotten asked this one word (why) by Chloe yet, I can feel it coming I thought I would Answer the question I have been asking my self for this past year, Why do I do all this crafty stuff?

As simple as I can say, it's because it's a) It's Cheaper than Therapy. b) Cheaper than rx drugs, although dr. pharm d. Daddy says other wise. (most of the popular ones are on any $5 lists)

The real reason why I love to craft and create things is that I hardly make any rules for my self when I do craft. who cares if I make a mistake on something, it was meant to be. Opps a big paint, glue, ink, blob got on to my work, oh I'll well make it work. I seem to enjoy not worring about the small stuff that comes into my life, and when it comes to my "work". I also enjoy the feeling that wow I took this ____ materials and made that! I love it. I also seem to forget about the every day stuff that goes on, and channel that creativity to what really matters my family. So This post really should be a big huge thank you letter for Gar to let me stay home and keep our house a happy home. As Picasso said " Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. That is what I live for.

Some of the things I have been creating this past month, Post of what or how I did this to come, and more

A Hoddie towel, you can't seem to have enough of these...
yes that horrible wall is now covered in a fun shade of purple, and yes I made that curtian, it's made from Eyelet fabric and I love it. Thanks MS (Martha Stewart) for the pattern/advice, from her new encyclopedia of fabric crafts

Chloe Approved Taggie blinkies, (I made one for little miss but doesn't like it) so I went straight to her fav taggie blankie and copied it and sure enough she didn't want to let go, (these are not for her although she should have a back up one.. I am still holding on that she will use the one I made her.)

A Chalk board desk, Chloe loves it! So do all the other kiddos that come to visit

You can sorta see it, the Lilly flower that has finally surfaced. I know this is not my conventional crafty thing but since spring we have been getting the water right to grow these beauties!

And lastly my little herb garden/back yard oasis! I love having fresh herbs just the other night I cooked chicken breasts and snipped some fresh rosemary for the seasoning and wow, I tasted like something you ate at a nice snazzy restaurant! I love taking care of my little herb garden.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

in the lefy tree tops

We have been working out in our yard this pass couple of weeks. While we got our trees trimmed these little guys were in one of the branches that was taken off poor little birdies. we had to set them in one off my planters until we were done with that tree. Chloe was very intrigued by them, she would go up to them and say mom mom mom, I think that was her, mom what are these and what do i do with these! so cute! Although our back yard is not looking very great, with our hedges out and the two stumps that were removed we have enjoyed working on getting all the other yukky stuff out.

for those of you that love primary, I titled this post just for that reason. One of our favorite Sunbeam songs that we like to sing is In the Leafy Tree tops. I am no longer a Sunbeam teacher. I just got a call to be the 1st councilor in the Primary Presidency! For those family members and friends not of our faith I will explain it a little. Our church is ran all through volunteers, no one not even our president, or bishop, or any one else gets paid for what they do in the church. So we get called to help with different duties that the church needs. So I was a teacher to the 3-4 year old children. I was then asked if I could help with all the children 3-12 years, as a 1st councilor working with the Primary President. All the children learn through our primary program, I would be a teacher over all of them for part of the time. The teacher for that age group gets just those kiddos for another part of the time. Anyways I am super excited, I/we get to plan group activities for each Sunday, and I get to teach plan and spiritual truths to the children of our congregation (branch) and we get to have a big program at the end of the year for all the children to show what they learned this year in Primary, through our direction! I am so excited!