Thursday, August 26, 2010

tv for sale

Hello, we have two tv's that we are trying to sale, they are:
32'' screen flat panel 720p. resolution Insigma, with built in tuner. Inputs include, pc, 3 HDMI, S-video, headphone

Panasonic Projection tv. 48' console unit 1080 resolution. Inputs include 2 component inputs, 3 S-video inputs

2 Composite inputs. (This does not have a built in tuner, so you have to have a cable box or dvr hooked up to it.)

attached are the pictures to see what they look like

We are trying to sell that $300 a piece if you are interested in them please email me

Monday, August 23, 2010

Weddings are always so much fun to attend. Chloe loves to dance, she loves twirling and twisting and bouncing during the reception.

Chloe gives out kisses to any one she is close to, so these days we have been getting a lot of kisses, Daddy is so lucky!
this is such a great shot that I was able to take since Grandma C just got her hair done for the wedding and J. looks so proud with his Grandma

I had to throw this one in... this little guy was chomping on some off our many weeds we have growing I expecially like how her ears are so perked up... Eat as much as you like... she was having her a nice meal, she stayed for 20 min. or so.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

iowa curtains

I was so excited when mother-inlaw brought home iowa striped fabric from a garage sale, and then said here make something out of it... My first thought was, hum what am I going to make with it? Bibs came to mind, and them she said you know curtains might work well... So with some hems ive made mt secound set of curtains....
Yep, a hawkeye fan's dream... don't want the fabric to show on the other side? I lined the curtain with a white sheet cut to sized so you don't see the fabric on the outside, yep, mother-inlaw thought of that...Thanks a ton, I still have a ton of this fabric left if any one needs some just let me know.... I don't really know what else I will use it for

Don't they look good?

Little old me

I fell in love with this picture of me, but it had some issues that I had to fix so...

I changed the issues and now I have something that I can print, I am really enjoying restoring my photo's. I hope to post more soon... Wasn't I cute?