Thursday, August 5, 2010

iowa curtains

I was so excited when mother-inlaw brought home iowa striped fabric from a garage sale, and then said here make something out of it... My first thought was, hum what am I going to make with it? Bibs came to mind, and them she said you know curtains might work well... So with some hems ive made mt secound set of curtains....
Yep, a hawkeye fan's dream... don't want the fabric to show on the other side? I lined the curtain with a white sheet cut to sized so you don't see the fabric on the outside, yep, mother-inlaw thought of that...Thanks a ton, I still have a ton of this fabric left if any one needs some just let me know.... I don't really know what else I will use it for

Don't they look good?

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Michelle said...

Awesome curtains! Feel free to make me some!