Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pharmacy Ball and our perfect weekend!

This weekend is one of those fun weekends that Gary and I are able to spend the entire weekend together just the two of us! those are hard to come by! I think we both needed this weekend, with my family troubles and knowing that my mom has surgery this coming Thursday in Rochester Mn, and Gary, wrapping up his last semester in class work and having some crazy crazy weeks when we hardly saw each other now we can finally relax and enjoy each others company! We started out with our first BBQ of the season, with another couple joining us, completed with Bag toss and Settlers! Then we had two completely different parts to this weekend, one is fun and the other part is uplifting, both needed in our lives right now.

Gary has finally reached one of the best part in his Pharmacy Profession NO MORE CLASS! (well soon to be, only 6 more weeks and counting) Anyways to celebrate having little class work and then soon to be no class work we went to the Pharmacy Ball that is held annually every year! I have never been to real "Ball" I was hoping and wanting it to be like the fairytale Balls you see in Cinderella, however this was not the case it was neater than that! I mean who knows how to walts anyways right?

The Pharmacy Ball was really simple and yet very entertaining, It's so neat to see all of the dresses and accessories on us Girly Girls and to eat a yummy dinner and to look so good that your husband can't keep his eyes off of you, it's just fun. During the dance the dean of the College of Pharmacy dressed up as Elvis as a Hawkeye fan with a Tiger Hawk on the back of the suite and sang an Elvis song. I was stunned that Pharmacists can have fun and be silly! It was a great time and I am so glad that we were able to go out and party beacuse my husband deserves it and it's great to know that there is an end in sight! Next steps: rotations and on to applying for a residency! Yay

The uplifting part to the weekend: Earlier in the day on Saturday Gary and I witnessed something truly special and near and dear to our hearts. We sustained a new prophet of our Heavenly Father, Thomas S. Monson, and the First Presidency of our church and our Apostles! I think it's amazing that we have true apostles and a prophet of god on this earth today! hearing the messages they gave us in the Saturday Morning Session confirmed my testimony of the true gospel here on earth, It was all on helping and loving your family! What a neat and wonderful experience that Gary and I were able to do together, It was neat to see Gary sustain the new Presidency of the Church by himself and then as a couple or as a family. I love the Gospel and I love this church, what a wonderful world we live in when we are able to hear read and listen to a prophet when ever we want!

Jessica's Baby Shower Cake

So this cake was supper easy to make and it looks awesome I just thought I would share you the cake that I made for Jessica's baby shower.

you take a yellow cake mix and make a two layer cake. use chocolate frosting, I like butter cream frosting but you can use store bought too. Frost the cake and then add the petals (peeps) around the cake in threes, so separate the peeps into 4 strips, place around the cake and then add the chocolate chips in the middle, the chocolate chips handles better when they are frozen. and enjoy!