Friday, March 11, 2011


Our cute barbie dog a Rat Terrier, she is such a puppy but a well minded and smart little girl
Grandpa was the one that found Barbie, He was the one that gave Barbie to Chloe, she has been wanting a dog for so long

Chloe is so so happy to have a dog, I love the way she is holding Barbie

Chloe and Barbie's relationship is so sweet already Barbie is letting Chloe "play" with her, I love Chloe's imagination!

While visiting Gma, Chloe likes to watch Rella, (Cinderella) Barbie was in trouble (she was taunting the gma's Boxers) so she was on the chair, with Chloe, Can you tell that Chloe is thinking now my life is complete! I got my movie, and my doggie!

Snuggle time with Grandpa is the best!

This video is when we first saw Barbie, it melts my heart every time I watch it!

A puppy is so much work, but they make up for it when they sleep. a tiered dog is a good dog, here's hoping for longer days of sunlight, for longer walks, runs and play time!

Spring is here, and nothing says spring like a new puppy, doe's in our back yard, and seedlings planted, ready to sprout that are in my living room soaking up some much needed sunshine! Enjoy the beginning of Spring