Thursday, March 18, 2010


What an incredible winter, we got to celebrate Chloe's first birthday, I learned to sew a purse and a very girly apron that I have yet to post because it is so girly. I learned that I love staying home with Chloe. along with all this snow and wind has gotten me very annoyed it's great to see signs of spring. So imagine my surprise when I saw some daffodils on sale at Hy-Vee, I had to get 3 bundles two for some friends that came over yesterday. I also love making my own flowers, this time I used my awesome Slice to make the flowers for the topiary that I saw in my scrapbook ext. magazine. I was really really happy how it turned out, and it only took an afternoon to do!

I also found out that Chloe loves bubbles! I can't wait when the weather gets warmer so she can walk around and pop the bubbles. she is so fun to play with, it's amazing that I can get anything done, because I love to play with her!