Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This is the end of Summer?

Wow did this summer fly by The next thing I knew I saw a sign at our local pool saying that they are closing Sunday the 28th of August and I thought, what! no way is summer really over? That went by fast, at least we were able to have a busy fun summer! So since I knew that I only had one more good day of going swimming with Chloe, I had to take some pictures, She is my little fish, she loves jumping into the water (no floaties mom, come on!) Yeah and being a mermaid! it's a fun time to watch her learn how to swim. Our summer was uneventful, although we mannaged to do as many family things as we could. Chloe's favorite part had to be playing at the pool with her friends (me too secretly) I mean spending 2 hours at the pool with friends and splashing around, who wouldn't love it!

The Picture of Barbie explains so much, She is sitting in my only pot that I had grown sucsessful herbs this year, Eating them so no herbs this year, oh well, maybe someday! So funny huh?

Have a great Labor day!

Our Trip to the Zoo

Chloe and "K" watching the Otters

Chloe had a great time at the zoo last week, when I asked her what her favorite animal was, she said a goat! I should mention that her friend has goats on his farm that we can see, so cute! The lions and frogs scared her, and she giggled every time the otters were dancing in the water, and she didn't really know what to think of the monkeys climbing up really high! Fun times!

It's a Boy!

Can you believe it! we are so excited to have a little baby boy in our house! (in about 19 weeks or so) WE are so happy Chloe, daddy and I call him baby brother! She says that Baby Brother swims in water, we took her to the ultra sound and she asked if the baby was in water! so stinking smart!

lots of pink and blue in our house! After a second ultra sound, baby and mommy are both very healthy and no complications!

Monday, August 15, 2011

my Couponing artical

Yep, I am now one of those crazy coupon lady's you see at the grocery store that litterally takes 30 minutes to cheek out with only 20 items! it's said but true, and I LOVE IT! go here to my coupon sahm (stay at home mom) I Am blog to read about the deals you can get just buy shopping at the grocery store using some coupons. I also should mention that since this article has been printed our little coupon group was contacted by the Iowa River Valley Continuing education, a division of Ellsworth Community College, they want us to do a coupon class starting in October! we are hoping to teach a class on how you can save 20%-50% on your grocery bill! how cool is that! And yes I am able to save at lest 60% or more on groceries, sometimes even up to 80% I have the receipts to prove it (not bragging!)

She's a Beauty!

or maybe a dancing princess these days, noting like dancing and playing dress up right? Little Girls are so Fun!
Enjoying this awesome weather at the park! Lunch at the park has been a favorite of ours, meet with friends, play and then take a good nappy! can't ask for a better morning/afternoon!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Christensen's Wedding

Chloe was a beautiful flower girl, Her toddler Chloe personality shined so brightly as she twirled around in her dress. I was so proud of her and G and I are so proud of her!

C Loved Dancing with Daddy, she is such a fun toddler, her favorite songs to dance to is When Will my Life Begin (tangled) and Part of your World (little Mermaid) That was my favorite song to sing too also, humm like mother like daughter?

Oh yeah I got my Canon Digital camera I have been wanting forever! can you tell the difference in the picture quality, a bit more artistic? Yep I love my new camera!