Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This is the end of Summer?

Wow did this summer fly by The next thing I knew I saw a sign at our local pool saying that they are closing Sunday the 28th of August and I thought, what! no way is summer really over? That went by fast, at least we were able to have a busy fun summer! So since I knew that I only had one more good day of going swimming with Chloe, I had to take some pictures, She is my little fish, she loves jumping into the water (no floaties mom, come on!) Yeah and being a mermaid! it's a fun time to watch her learn how to swim. Our summer was uneventful, although we mannaged to do as many family things as we could. Chloe's favorite part had to be playing at the pool with her friends (me too secretly) I mean spending 2 hours at the pool with friends and splashing around, who wouldn't love it!

The Picture of Barbie explains so much, She is sitting in my only pot that I had grown sucsessful herbs this year, Eating them so no herbs this year, oh well, maybe someday! So funny huh?

Have a great Labor day!

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