Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October happenings

Dora is having a Birthday Party, we celebrated with

Friday Night is for Foot Ball- Go Cadets- Chloe wanted to be a cheer leader.

 Daddy's new toy! Whoa Who!

Look who is standing up like a big boy! Watch out Barbie :)

  We welcomed JJC this month, Eli is supper excited about having a cousin to play with!
Our cute Tiger- RRRRRRrrrrrr

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

an evening at Grandma's house

We had a busy night, on a nice summer's night we walked to the park, got baths, and Grandpa came home with a motorcycle rocker for E, and C.. they love it, this will be used a lot at our house! We stayed up late and woke up early... humm maybe a nap time will be in order this afternoon?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mornings at Grandma and Grandpa's house

We just love going to you know who's house, and mornings are sometimes lazy (no bed time at Grandma's until she is ready to go to sleep) So we have late mornings, this morning E and CC slept in for a while, so when they both got up at the same time they were still waking up... I had to take this picture B's and all B's are our taggie blankies, E has got very attached to his already.

BTW our little man is now 7 months and yesterday he was trying to start walking while we were holding him up by his arm! Watch out here comes trouble just around the corner I think!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

dance and trains

We are super excited here at the Christensen's house CC is going to be in Dance! yep she get's to be a pretty little ballerina! As some one that has never been in a dance class in her life and has no rhythm like at all we will see if she has inherited her dad's since of rhythm and not her mothers... We can only hope!

E is loving his Train set from a dear friend's garage sale! Thanks TJ this came at a great time!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Not Bragging

 You gotta love preschoolers, they love to dress up! this was cc's costume from two years ago! Thanks AC for letting us borrow it, we will return it to you soon!

yep I finally figured that I needed to update our personal blog, yep and while I am at it I am making this blog public, so tell other family members if you want!

I wish I could say that I will be more frequent here, and as I hope so I hope to share a slice of our life with you. So to give you some ideas as to what goes on at our house here is our low down:

CC (3yrs) lots of why Questions, and observations so far the most challenging questions seem to be the difference between why guys stand up to go potty and why she cant.... yep so after explaining to her why she then told me that Caullou also stand up to go potty, Yes he does If a cartoon character can go potty that is the way he would go potty-never did I think I would have that conversation with CC- although I should have seen that coming.- Have I mentioned that she sorta has an attitude like her mom and Grandma? As you can tell in the picture

EC (almost 7months) and loves his big sister, in fact I think he is more entertained by her than by my self at times, He is my prince Charming! some little facts about him: born January 3 12, 7.5 lb, 19 3/4 long and talks and talks and talks, his favorite time to talk is at 4 am, Yep we decided at the time he found his voice that it was time for his own room, I was not heart broken over that move- this momma needed her sleep!

GC- Pharmacy Manager at the Iowa Falls Hy-Vee for 2 years now! We love to spend time with him as much as we can and like visiting daddy often, he loves reading fan fiction right now he likes the Harry Potter Fan Fiction.

LC-(I must admit I do like talking about myself and my family just so you know) I keep our house together and try to keep our little family organized as much as I can. lately I have learned to make my own baby food, so super easy I wish I did it for CC. I am also learning the most effective way to teach my Preschool age daughter the things I want her to know, and to keep her entertained, I see lots of googleing in my future like just the other day CC wanted to know what a turtle says (sounds like) so I googled that and we watch a video on that! so yes this momma might know everything but she can find out! oh yea and I coupon, scrapbook and make cards.

Oh yeah and if you think that we look skinnier since the last time you saw us, you would be right, G-has lost 30lbs and I have lost 20lbs. We are feeling much better, and hope to keep losing some weight!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Family Pictures

They say that Pictures are worth a thousand words, so my post will be brief, We are having a nice relaxing Fall, Accept for poor Gar, hes working crazy hours because of flu shot clinics, (a good reminder to those that haven't gotten their flu shots yet)

These pictures were mostly taken at Foster Park, it's a beautiful park in town with the river bank partly surrounding it, we love the park for the playground, and it's a 30 min. walk from our house!

Chloe is growing so fast! her vocabulary is expanding every day! She is learning about Baby Brother, just last night we were eating pop corn and watching Bambi (she likes it) and she was trying to feed by belly popcorn for Baby Brother, I told her that I eat for him right now and if she would feed me, Baby Brother would get it, how cute is that? Her other favorite past time is placing her head on my belly and feeling Baby Brother move! She is a Doll, A Rock Star and a princess these days and sometimes she says she is a Monster (no disagreements here!)

Anyway I hope all of you are having a wonderful Autum time, we sure are, just missing daddy during those long days of him working!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Go Hawks!

We have been a busy little family lately, This weekend G & I got to go to the Iowa Game, a Very awesome game, here are some pics?