Tuesday, July 27, 2010

mammouth Caves ntl. Park

Ok, So this would have been a really cool thing to do if you: a) didn't have a fear of heights. b) If you had not have had this as your last resort of entertainment in KY ( we have visited KY 4 other times.) c) if you didn't have a toddler that needed a nap, and if that it was the last "day" on your vaca. lol Yep, that was our experience at the caves. Although decending down 360 stairs was maybe the dumbest Idea I ever had Gar did this all while holding Chloe, he was not thrilled to say the lest... opps. We both didn't get much out from the caves. here is some of the many pictures I took

You can sorta see how massive the cave is we are at the end of the line and there were about 250 people in our group.

Doug and Becka's wedding

Doug and Becka's wedding, was really fun, weddings are always fun, but when you get 19 pharmacists in one wedding that is when you know you are in the right place, if you are G and I! It was so fun to see G's Class mates once a gain, they are all such great people doing great things!
The wedding was beautiful and we all enjoyed the chance we got to spend time with G's friends.
Our little miss was so busy, that might even be an understatement. her she is, yes with all the training I have had trying to get toddlers to get a cute picture, this is the only one of her with her cute dress on that was remotely worth posting, oh well, it is a way cute picture and it shows her personality which is what it's all about right?

Emily got the Boquet, we had to let Chloe see it, she loves flowers, and always wants to hold one, She didn't know what to think after she was able to see "it" she is so funny.

Indianapolis Zoo

We all really enjoyed the Zoo, it was the perfect size for Chloe and us, we spend a lot of time looking at fish, and now Chloe know and uses the sign for fish and water, it's so cute to see her learn and watch the animals, her excitement was very entertaining!
one of the animals Chloe was able to pet! it was the most interesting texture I have ever felt, a cross between bumby dry skin and dirt! it was really weird, Chloe kept saying/ pointing to the feet, when she was by him, I was thinking no touch the feet, big ouchies! So fun!
The Indianapolis Zoo had some really great animals, some of the pictures turned out great, I love this shot of the Rino's , I think that the composition is fairly decent, and they walked right by as I was trying to get them both in at the same time!

We just missed feeding time! bummer but this is a neat shot you can almost see the downtown sky line, the zoo is in the middle of downtown Indianapolis.

As a family we were also able to go into the butterfly garden, there are tons of them, I can't wait to get some of them enlarged so I can frame them and use them in home dec projects, I love butterflys

I love this picture because it reminds me how sweet Chloe is is, she loves looking at fish, she says Oooohh and runs over to the glass. I also like how small she looks compared to the aquarium.

Yes, Chloe loves being held still, but most importantly now, she wants to be held so she can see, not to be comforted. Daddy got to do most of the holding, he really enjoys spending time with his little miss. even if its going down 360 stairs (more to come on that later.)

Chloe was able to touch a shark, with daddy's help. the water was really cold and she didn't much care about it, but it was really neat to feel, their skin is silky and thier bodies are hard with lots of muscles.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Road Trip entertainment

ok so we are crazy traveling with a toddler, but some how two days of traveling over 8 hours each day we did all right (only 3-4 breaks each day) Yeah crazy huh I think Chloe was so tiered that it helped us drive longer than what I consider average.

Anyways G and I don't always agree on the "right" kind of road trip music don't get me wrong we both like the same music but that is a loose term and sometimes we both like the extremes of the same kind of country music. I like the country pop music, ie:Carrie Underwood, Kenny, Rascal Flats and so on... G likes Johny Cash, and so on, so you can see how our music tastes don't always mesh well.

The Alternative is, Podcasts they are a bit more informative and worth listening too. my favorite that we can both enjoy is Stuff You Should Know, by howstuffworkds.com. they have tons of topics including, how lego works, how Vikings work, How Castles work, How health care works, Are zoos good for animals, How Taxidermists work, those are the ones that i have enjoyed but I know that we listened to more than just those. here is a link to the website:
Other pod casts that we/G enjoys are This American Life, and Car Talk.

So yes we are back in town, G is back at work and we are at gma's enjoying time in dsm. lots of posts and pics to come.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

sweet and simple pineapple desert

So we had some friends over last night and I was scrambling to find a yummy easy desert, here it is, no mixing and no baking!

Pineapple desert (it reminds me of a cobbler or a crisp)

1 can (16 oz) of pineapple (I used Dole) if you don't like the chunks use crush pineapple instead
3 cups of miniature marshmallows
one pkg of yellow cake mix
1/2 a stick of butter (cubed)

Layer all ingredients in the order of this recipe in a microwave safe bowl(i used my Pampered Chef dutch oven stone ware,) microwave on high for about 12 minutes, let cool for a little bit serve with vanilla ice cream!

You wont believe how yummy this is! It's a perfect desert for summer, you don't have to heat up the oven!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our 4th of july celebration

Fourth of July was on a Sunday, So how did I dress Chloe to Celebrate the 4th? Thats right, a tutu is the only thing that will do! Ok So that might be over the top but I couldn't resist finding some tulle for 25 cents at our local thrift store, that screamed to me make a tutu you know you want to when i picked up the red and blue tulle in a bag how could any one resist right? So under 10 min. I made a tutu for her to wear to church. A little much Maybe but come on, it's fourth of july you have to have some fun in the morning if your going to church right? I thought so!

your thinking OMG can she get any cuter? I don't know how?

Saturday was our town's big celebration and they had a small petting zoo, she enjoyed giving gentle and soft touches to the Llamas, I couldn't help saying is your Mamma a Llama?? you know the popular childrens book? We had fun, Chloe had lots of fun

After a great morning on Saturday Chloe was able to take a much needed nappy so I was able to make this adorable bald eagles, yes they are really that cute, they took some time but paid off, every one loved these little creatures. In case you might not know, I some what have a secret obsession with Bald Eagles, I love them, just look at my older post from Valentines day 2008
yes about 36 eagles later I was done! here is the link if you ever want to make them

I should note that instead of using frosting for the eyes, (aparently I wasn't good a making eyes with frosting) I used regular chocolate chips for the eyes I just stuck them on with left over almond bark.
Speaking of left over almond bark, I had plenty so I used it up pretzel style with cute stars from the Hy-Vee bakery. The genleman at the counter who helped me gave me three times the normal about of "sprinkles" they usually give some one (like 3-4 oz) for just $1, I still have stars sprinkles left over!

Last but not lest, So remember that Thrift store I told you about earlier with the tulle, yep I got this awesome table runner there too! 50 cents, and it was mine, actually it was 25 cents, since all 4th of July stuff was marked Half! can you believe it! I previously made the napkins and since I didn't have any napkin ring holders, I made them with my left over ribbon, I am so proud that all this stuff came together

I hope you all had a great 4th! our family did.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My little miss and flowers

lately Chloe has really been loving our phone, any phone any thing that resembles a phone (ie a calculator) she will pick it up and want to talk, she is so cute when she is doing this, I love how animated she gets. So if any of you family members and friends want to brighten up her day, give us a call.

Chloe loves her books, Just like daddy! although she will not let me read her a book she will gladly sit in mommy's chair and read a book! The book she is reading right now is one of her favorites, and she loves turning the flaps and the pages.

I was able to go to a informal flower arrangement class at our local Hy-Vee, Cathy taught me all the little ends and out of flower arrangements, and I got to say, the two arrangements I made with the flowers from our back yard looks great! I love it. It's so simple and beautiful! I made one for me and one for my friend that I thought would enjoy the flowers, There are more flowers, but since every time I think of some one, they live to far away to send them too... bummer. I am enjoying them, stop by and visit and maybe I will send you home with some beautiful lillys.