Saturday, July 24, 2010

Road Trip entertainment

ok so we are crazy traveling with a toddler, but some how two days of traveling over 8 hours each day we did all right (only 3-4 breaks each day) Yeah crazy huh I think Chloe was so tiered that it helped us drive longer than what I consider average.

Anyways G and I don't always agree on the "right" kind of road trip music don't get me wrong we both like the same music but that is a loose term and sometimes we both like the extremes of the same kind of country music. I like the country pop music, ie:Carrie Underwood, Kenny, Rascal Flats and so on... G likes Johny Cash, and so on, so you can see how our music tastes don't always mesh well.

The Alternative is, Podcasts they are a bit more informative and worth listening too. my favorite that we can both enjoy is Stuff You Should Know, by they have tons of topics including, how lego works, how Vikings work, How Castles work, How health care works, Are zoos good for animals, How Taxidermists work, those are the ones that i have enjoyed but I know that we listened to more than just those. here is a link to the website:
Other pod casts that we/G enjoys are This American Life, and Car Talk.

So yes we are back in town, G is back at work and we are at gma's enjoying time in dsm. lots of posts and pics to come.

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Michelle said...

Funny you mention music tastes. My husband likes classical and I like the more modern country and top 4o pop music so we clash badly. Post pictures soon, love to see your posts.