Tuesday, July 27, 2010

mammouth Caves ntl. Park

Ok, So this would have been a really cool thing to do if you: a) didn't have a fear of heights. b) If you had not have had this as your last resort of entertainment in KY ( we have visited KY 4 other times.) c) if you didn't have a toddler that needed a nap, and if that it was the last "day" on your vaca. lol Yep, that was our experience at the caves. Although decending down 360 stairs was maybe the dumbest Idea I ever had Gar did this all while holding Chloe, he was not thrilled to say the lest... opps. We both didn't get much out from the caves. here is some of the many pictures I took

You can sorta see how massive the cave is we are at the end of the line and there were about 250 people in our group.

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