Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Indianapolis Zoo

We all really enjoyed the Zoo, it was the perfect size for Chloe and us, we spend a lot of time looking at fish, and now Chloe know and uses the sign for fish and water, it's so cute to see her learn and watch the animals, her excitement was very entertaining!
one of the animals Chloe was able to pet! it was the most interesting texture I have ever felt, a cross between bumby dry skin and dirt! it was really weird, Chloe kept saying/ pointing to the feet, when she was by him, I was thinking no touch the feet, big ouchies! So fun!
The Indianapolis Zoo had some really great animals, some of the pictures turned out great, I love this shot of the Rino's , I think that the composition is fairly decent, and they walked right by as I was trying to get them both in at the same time!

We just missed feeding time! bummer but this is a neat shot you can almost see the downtown sky line, the zoo is in the middle of downtown Indianapolis.

As a family we were also able to go into the butterfly garden, there are tons of them, I can't wait to get some of them enlarged so I can frame them and use them in home dec projects, I love butterflys

I love this picture because it reminds me how sweet Chloe is is, she loves looking at fish, she says Oooohh and runs over to the glass. I also like how small she looks compared to the aquarium.

Yes, Chloe loves being held still, but most importantly now, she wants to be held so she can see, not to be comforted. Daddy got to do most of the holding, he really enjoys spending time with his little miss. even if its going down 360 stairs (more to come on that later.)

Chloe was able to touch a shark, with daddy's help. the water was really cold and she didn't much care about it, but it was really neat to feel, their skin is silky and thier bodies are hard with lots of muscles.

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