Tuesday, June 8, 2010

in the lefy tree tops

We have been working out in our yard this pass couple of weeks. While we got our trees trimmed these little guys were in one of the branches that was taken off poor little birdies. we had to set them in one off my planters until we were done with that tree. Chloe was very intrigued by them, she would go up to them and say mom mom mom, I think that was her, mom what are these and what do i do with these! so cute! Although our back yard is not looking very great, with our hedges out and the two stumps that were removed we have enjoyed working on getting all the other yukky stuff out.

for those of you that love primary, I titled this post just for that reason. One of our favorite Sunbeam songs that we like to sing is In the Leafy Tree tops. I am no longer a Sunbeam teacher. I just got a call to be the 1st councilor in the Primary Presidency! For those family members and friends not of our faith I will explain it a little. Our church is ran all through volunteers, no one not even our president, or bishop, or any one else gets paid for what they do in the church. So we get called to help with different duties that the church needs. So I was a teacher to the 3-4 year old children. I was then asked if I could help with all the children 3-12 years, as a 1st councilor working with the Primary President. All the children learn through our primary program, I would be a teacher over all of them for part of the time. The teacher for that age group gets just those kiddos for another part of the time. Anyways I am super excited, I/we get to plan group activities for each Sunday, and I get to teach plan and spiritual truths to the children of our congregation (branch) and we get to have a big program at the end of the year for all the children to show what they learned this year in Primary, through our direction! I am so excited!