Monday, May 11, 2009

Iowa Fall

pictured above is Iowa Falls, where we will be living!

This weekend was one of the best weekends I have had since Chloe, one of those weekends when everything you have worked for finally paid off. Friday my mom took my sister and I out for an early mothers day lunch, I was able to celebrate my first mothers day with all those who love me (more later.) I was able to fit into most of my before preggo outfits Yah! Friday afternoon Gary got the call we have been waiting for all week, Yes Iowa Falls Hy-Vee would like Gary to start working there! He would be a great addition to the team and sooner than later they would offer Gar the management position, so then it will be "his" pharmacy!

Saturday, Mel (mother in law) and I was able to go to Pella for Tulip Time with Chloe. It was a beautiful day but very windy, we didn't stay as long as I thought we would, Chloe did not enjoy all the tulips I think the best time she had was while we were waiting in line for an hour at Jarsma for some Dutch Letters! Chloe was inside, and wide awake wanting to look around, of course she had fans while waiting in line so they talked to her and she would smile, if I only knew that Jarsma was the place Chloe wanted to be, we would have been there earlier. I was able to see some of my friends from Iowa City, I miss them so much. We had fun looking at the tulips and seeing all the fun things the downtown square had to offer. I forgot how crowded Tulip Time is, We were lucky to find parking! After Tulip Time we tried to go to the Central Book Store, It closed at noon, so no central clothes for Gary or Chloe, oh well.

Sunday Gary and I had a great mothers day, spending time with family is always enjoyable, especially when they come from out of town. Uncle Edd and Kim came to visit for Mothers Day, it was so great to see their little boy Jessie. Mother's day for me was so nice, Gary got me my first precious moments of being a mom, its so cute titled, "A Love Like No Other" I also was able to receive a beautiful China Hutch from a dear friend from church that didn't want it any more, it's so amazing, just what I have been waiting for since I knew we were going to get a house. So Gary and Joe (brother) moved it for me.

It was wonderful weekend, one of those that seem to unreal to be real. I am amazed at how many people love me, and support us. It's amazing that Gary will be a Doctor in less than a week and that he has a job waiting for him. I am filled with love for all those mom's that do what they do best by caring and nurturing their children. I am so blessed to have Chloe, what an amazing thing it is to have a baby in your arms that's yours.

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