Monday, May 18, 2009

Iowa College of Pharmacy 2009 Graduation

Gary's a Doctor!

wow! when I think of all the amazing things that have happen this is one of the most incredible moments in my life, to see Gary become a doctor was amazing. I am amazed that all this hard work finally paid off. I remember going to bed at 10pm and saying good night to gar and then waking up around 2am and seeing him still studying away. or seeing him stay late at the college coming home and studying and then waking up early to go back to school at 6:30am to study, I thought this would never end but it did. Looking back the time went so fast, it seemed like just a while ago he was a P1 (pharmacy student year one) Then as a P2 I thought there is no way one single person could read and retain so much stuff as he did, yet he did, and then as a p3 I was so happy for only one test a week and then looking forward to the spring semester when he hardly had home work... Then rotations, wondering what on earth is he going to do with his career, who is he going to sign onto, where are moving too, or are you serious about a residency? All the unanswered questions that every one wants to know, with no great answer. I am grateful that Gary has had the opportunity to go to school and be transformed into this amazing guy I know and love! So it is with all my love that I say I love you and Thank you for all your hard work, it's paying off and I can't wait to start our new life in Iowa Falls with you!


Erin said...

Congrats Dr. Gary! You deserve it for memorizing all of those drugs. Wow.

Michelle said...

Congrats on graduating. I'm glad you're all happy in your new place. Sometime we'll have to visit.

Sam and Chanell said...

congratulations gary!!