Friday, May 29, 2009

2309 Ellis Ave, Iowa Falls IA

Our back yard is beautiful, I have never had a pond/water feature in our yard so it should be intresting to see if we can keep up with it. and the top part of the pond is heated so you can have fish live in the water all year round!

Here are some pictures of our new house, it looks like I am going to be busy learning a whole bunch about landscapes and plants, who knew? The front yard has three maple trees! The house has 4 bedrooms, and a big kitchen with an eat in kitchen, and a formal dinning room with a huge living room that we can play wii sports and not bump into each other! the master bedroom is huge, big enough to keep chloe's crib in it until she is ready to sleep in her room, one of the rooms has cabinets and an office space, so that will be our office and/or my craft room. We are so excited to move into it, I am happy to have a regular size oven and lots of counter top space. the formal dinning room is big enough to fit two tables, a desk and a china hutch, see the picture you will be amazed at how big it is. The living room is also huge bigger than the formal dinning room, we get to look at furniture for the living room since it's so freaking big! and it has two bathrooms. Gary and I are so blessed that we found a house so fast and didn't have to try and build something. I Feel like Iowa Falls is were we belong and I am so excited to be part of their community! We close on the house on June 30th...Can't wait!


nathan n rachel said...


It looks like your place is taking shape. I like your back yard.

Michelle said...

Looks like a great first home to have. Glad you found one.

Laura Ann said...

I think it looks great! You guys will have lots of fun making it yours:)

Sam and Chanell said...

wahoo! im so excited. your new home looks beautiful. the garden looks especially nice too. give chloe a kiss for us.

Dan Thomas said...

I haven't seen you two since the Iowa State Fair some years ago. I'd been taking photo classes at DMACC with Lisa.
Your first house always means a lot.
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