Monday, October 25, 2010

our pretty princess

yes, Chloe is going through the princess stage, I thought I had years to prepare for this but nope, every morning she want's to be cinderella, and dance with her princess doll (sleeping Beauty) and either me sing once upon a dream or have it play and dance to it, I love it!
Potty training is slow going, she know what to do and the concept of it but she is too busy to tell me when she has to go and so we are just keep at it and hope that soon she will stop and tell me, however now that she knows that she can have princess panties (huggies girl pull ups) that is all she want's to wear! oh if only i can get her to go into her big girl panties (underwear) that has cinderrella on it it would save us money... Soon I hope

Yes that is what she is going to be for halloween, if I could get her to dress up in anything else I would but what a cute cinderrella she will be!

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