Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chloe is getting so big, Her pig tales are such a great symbol of toddler hood! we had such a great October, Halloween is 3 days away I am excited for her to trick or treat at our local nursing home.

Our local park is awesome! I love it, this october it has been in the 70's all month except this past week. The sun was plentiful and welcoming us everyday. Chloe loves the swings, and goes down the big girl slide with out me helping her! it's so fun to watch her grow up so so fast!

Our park days might be coming to an end, so sad... Chloe will have to find other ways to entertain her self, like sitting on my lap while I am writing this post watching sleeping beauty on you tube, she's an angle sitting on my lap, so cozy on a yukky day like this. What a great night to just cozy up.

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