Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Camp Crop A lot (CCAL)

I was so blessed to go to a scrap booking weekend during the first weekend in October, I absolutely loved it! (yes that is my girly apron I made, gotta love girly girls huh?)

You might ask humm what exactly do you do at a scrap booking weekend? it's not what you think... We talk, eat yummy food, learn new ideas, and talk with the new friends we made and if we have time we scrapbook and make cards and play with our/friends toys. It's a blast.

This is the 5th time Dara put this weekend together, it was a ton of fun. She rents out the christian camp on Pine Lake for the weekend and then we use the big community room hall for our "crop" (that is were all of us hang out and do what we do) and then when we get tiered we have a cabin to sleep in, but we don't sleep very long, so we don't really use the cabins. on top of all that, we can be pampered with a massage if wanted, we have a secret sister gift exchange and the meals are provided so we don't have to mess with going out side of the camp or bringing tons of food. It is such a fun time to learn new skills.

here is were we played around at, gotta love all the stuff we take a long to one of these weekends, I was under packed as you can tell from the picture of me with my stuff Every one had so many new toys it was so hard to find time to see all the fun stuff every one had!

this amazing lady truly knows her stuff she made this matt and frame! isn't it great!

Amber made this amazing Christmas house with her pattern paper using her Cricut! with now real directions, she just made it! see all those christmas lights, yep she made that by hand! wow!

I love clean layouts, they are the best! I especially loved this page since she made all of this by hand, no stickers! all from her Cricut! wow!

So coming soon will be more crafty things I made for you to see, cheek back soon to see my new found creativity and inspiration!

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