Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Little Miss pictures

Yes that is our little miss, I usually do not let other professionals take her pictures, as I feel that I do just as good as she does but when they offer a free session and two free 8x10 It's hard to resist.

there is a bit of story behind this, as some of you know I worked at a portrait studio owned by Life Touch called Flash I was the assistant manager and liked the possibility of taking that great portrait of a child, we had great customers. I did learn a ton from that job and know feel that I can take a great portrait of most any one if the occasion arises. So here I am 7 years later letting some one else do my job for my daughter, The photographer was all right but the photographer in side me thought that I would have done things differently than the way he did I can't blame him too much, he was new to the studio. I think he did a great job with Chloe and in turn we got two 8x10's

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