Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Grandpa Holland's Story

Gary Chloe and I recently visited my Grandparents in Freeport Il. It was such a great time, They haven't seen Chloe and I thought it would be a great time to just visit.

I was amazed at what wonderful stories my grandparents had to offer, I believe that it's the stories and experiences that make life sweeter, here are some of the pictures that I was able to get along with some stories. Pictures are worth a thousand words right? So here are some of the pictures that are close to my heart:)

Raymond Holland,I love this picture, although I can't imagine him ever looking this way, it's a great picture of who he was during this time of his life. I expecially love the Holland and US Army patch, it reminds me of when I was little looking at my dad's uniform when he was in army.

My Grandpa served in Germany in the middle of the Koren War and before the Veitnam War. He was one of the lucky ones, as he said that he got to be a Medic. He would help solders get bandaged up before the doctor could look at him. He is in the pharmacy where he would mix up different drugs to use!
This is his Medic truck that he would drive in when he was needed, I love the Army feel of it

Although the photograph didn't do it justice this is a monument at one of the concentration camps, in Germany. The writing is in the jewish languge (islamic or Arabic.) Pictured bellow is what looks like a field, however that is where the Nazi's would bury the decease, so sad right? could you imagine standing there?I would be speechless.

Although there is a ton more stories that I learned I don't have time to blog all of them. among some of the other stories I found out how and where my Grandma got her China that she holds so dear, and how she met Grandpa, which is a cute story for another time!

I hope that this small little post will inspire you to learn about your family stories. I had no idea my grandpa was serving as a Medic to US Army in Germany! I think that it's so neat! He served in Germany for 4 years with only leaving to go back home every 18 months, could you imagine? I am blessed to have been able to look at these pictures and get his real story and see how young he looks. I should add, that this is not my maternal grandpa, but he is the grandpa that I have ever known on my mother's side as my "real" Grandpa left my Grandma, at least I think that is what happend... I haven't gotten that whole story yet, But I love my Grandpa and it's great to get to know him better!

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