Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas/year end review

I would like to wish all my family and friends a very heart felt Merry Christmas. It seems that this year is the most special yet, we have Chloe to celebrate our Christmas, what a wonderful life Gary, Chloe and I have. I truly feel blessed beyond measure to have what we have this Christmas. As I was sitting by our fire place playing with Chloe and gar, I thought This must be what it means to have a merry little Christmas. It's about the love you share with those around you. Life is so sweet when you have reasons to celebrate!

What a perfect season to Celebrate. What I love about this season is the hope and new life that it brings. Often we set goals to become better, as a new year's resolution, and I love it. What better time than for Christmas to celebrate our year end review.

So here is our year end review

Chloe's Birth
+Graduation with a Pharm D
+mommy staying home (sahm)
-living on student loans
one happy family in Iowa Falls

that is us this year of course I can't forget the little things Chloe has done this year, like smile at me for the first time, slept through the night (happen at 9 1/2 months,)and many many more new things. Gary and I closing on our first house, Meeting every one he works with. Getting to know new people in Iowa Falls and growing up to be a stay at home mom.

Merry Christmas!

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nathan n rachel said...

Cute post...Merry Christmas Christensens!