Friday, December 18, 2009

lots of Christmas projects coming together

Our Christmas lights I Love our light display, and Chloe loves looking at them, as she sqeals and coos ever time she sees them light up at night!

One of my favorite things during the holidays are crafts, and Christmas projects. I love making Christmas decorations, it's the one thing I can't get enough off. Although our decorations are always a work in progress I feel a sense of warmth and thanksgiving as we decorate. some of my favorite things to craft during Christmas is, first and foremost, a Christmas Card, although I thought it was simple and needed more embellishments I still enjoyed making all 60 of them. I have always wanted to make some Christmas wreaths, with picks that I picked out with care, I made two, one is already to give away while the other one, (the one you see the picture of) I am having a hard time giving it away since I love it, but I know that who ever get's it will love it (they are both for family Christmas Parties we have this weekend.) The next thing that I can't live with out that I tried for the first time this Christmas season is home made cookies, and lots of them! I made cookie press cookies, and they are so yummy They have almond extract in them and then they are dipped in chocolate. the picture of Chloe eating a cookie is one that I made, she loved it and then had to eat some off daddies cookie, lucky for her I made 12 dozen cookies!

So what do you do with 12 dozen cookies, you make them for two big Christmas parties you have in one weekend! both families parties have upwards to 50-75 people!

I love having a baby during Christmas it brings something new and exciting to the season! I hope that you guys will have a very merry Christmas and to enjoy the festivities that this season is all about!


nathan n rachel said...

Your wreath is pretty! Me like.

Lisa said...

Thanks I love making new things!