Saturday, December 12, 2009

the joy of this Christmas Season

Yes, Chloe loves making messes, I think this is such a great learning experience, for her and then after wards its bath time so what isn't fun about that? maybe the clean up for mommy? I can't complain she is learning so much from trying to feed her self!

This week we got a massive snow storm, look out the patio window, the snow drift is huge! Gar was able to make it into work after snow blowing his way out all three days of this yukky storm, I was grateful that we were able to stay warm and cozy by our fire.

Christmas plans are coming together, Chloe Gar, and I, got to go caroling at the nursing home where I volunteer at, she loves meeting the residence and they love her, it's such a great time to visit. there must be something about the snow that makes me want to bake, I have two big family Christmas parties to bake for, and some people that have been on my "list" to thank with some treats. These treats include, butter cookies from my handy dandy cookie press (the best recipe is on Wilton's website) Chocolate mint stars, ginger bread cookies and maybe some sugar cookies. I need to get all of this baking done by Friday of next week... I also need to make a wreath, and get some last minute decorations done. Why do we do so much during the Christmas season?

Celebrate the Joy of Christmas!

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pattie said...

I loved the new pictures of Chloe and her family. I really enjoyed the ones with Santa.
I can't believe she will be 1yr so soon! Last year went by so fast.
Love Mom and Dad