Sunday, January 3, 2010

Chloe's First Christmas

Before we left for home (Des Moines) we got to do our own stockings, Chloe is attempting to open one of my gifts.

Chloe is so much more into the paper than the book I made for her...

Her first present on Christmas Day! (she picked it out when we were looking for toys for some one) So we had to get it for her!

The Little People Nativity set is the best thing! Thanks JJ. for the Sugestion! she loved playing with it all Christmas long!

Merry Christmas! We had so much fun, Chloe was done after her first or second gift, she wanted to know what every one else had and didn't care at all what she got! After every one was done with presents then she really only cared about the paper! not so much on all the cute gifts we bought her!

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