Friday, July 3, 2009

Back up your files

We made it to Iowa Falls and so far so good.

Iowa Falls is such a pretty place to live, it's in the middle of the Iowa River Green Belt community which really means that every where you go there is green all around you. For only being here for less than a month every one I have talked to knows exactly where we live by saying we bought the Jone's house, Oh yeah they say I bet you have the best appliances (the Jone's have a shop: Jone's Appliances on Washington st.) It's sorta crazy how everyone know everyone and that it's a close knit community.

Home ownership is work... and although in my little minds eye I thought that once Gar got a regular job I would see more of him it's not exactly what I had in mind. We seem to still be doing some house or home stuff to our house. We have a long list of things that we need to do out side, like get rid of the Cacti in back yard and weeding, inside we still have pictures that need to be hung and things to be put away so not so much couple happy family times as I imagined. It is a happy time in our lives just not "easy" anyways life does go on at lighting speed....

Chloe can almost sit up on her own, she does a pretty good job so far but I don't let her out of my arm's length. She is eating lots of food and so far her favorite is sweet potatoes, Carrots and Oatmeal with Kayro Syrup in it. Her favorite toy right now is chickie ( a chicken that sings the chicken dance and flaps her wings and her beak moves while she sings) It's fun to listen to her squeal but I know have the chicken dance song memorized and I start to hum it when she isn't around. So I have to wonder is there therapy for that if I really need it?

Besides having a 5 month old and moving into a new house it's been awhile since I updated my blog some may ask what happened to the Christensen's, We lost all of our files on our "family" computer! So if you are reading this please pleas please Back up your files, window users it's easy go to system preferences and chose Back up files, then all you have to do is burn all that stuff onto a dvd or more. you may ask How did this happen? When you don't have your anti virus updated (you usually this happens when you use your computer on a regular basis, by getting online so it can get the protection you need) viruses can enter into your computer even if you just cheek your mail once you don't have the protection you need. That is what happened to us we lost or can't retrieve all of our pictures from the last year! So this is a friendly reminder to back up your files! So every two months on a Sunday I will be diligent enough to back up the files aka pictures. a lesson learned the very hard way.

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Sam and Chanell said...

that is such a bummer your computer crashed and you lost all your pictures. so sad!
chloe is looking so grown up and cute. what a dolly!
i need to give you a call when we get back to iowa in a few weeks and get together with you adn catch up. and i still need to meet little miss chloe in person too! shes way cute with her chubby cheeks.