Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Early July pictures

I wish I could take credit of "taking care" of our back yard but since I have only lived here for a week when these pictures were taken, I can only take credit in the photographs

Our little country Girl, I couldn't resist taking this picture at Iowa Falls River Bend Rally on the 4th.

Chloe loves Grandma and Grandpa's boxer, Adrian is so good with her!

Chloe Loves Oat Meal she is likes to play with the spoon, this time we were able to teach her how to use it... More lessons and lots more practice...


Katie said...

She is getting so big and good job on her using the spoon. Isn't eating messy? If I let her feed herself then I end up bathing her after every meal. I love the flower pictures, they are beautiful.

nathan n rachel said...

Wow Lisa...Chloe is getting so big! And those flowers are gorgeous.