Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chloe is almost 6 months I can't believe it! she is a good baby she just has to be held when she is going to sleep, I haven't let her "cry it out" yet, I think it hurts me more than her but eventually I will let her cry it out. She is getting very good at sitting up I still don't feel comfortable with her sitting by her self but she does a pretty good job on her own.

Last week I discover our "walk" Every day I try very hard to get Chloe out of the house for about an hour, I very firm believe that children need to get out and get some fresh air, even when they are little. So after three weeks of going "down town" for our walk and getting tiered of that I needed a different view.I found one of the most beautiful parks I have seen Foster Park. The picture above is the back drop of a quiet park, perfect for a picnic with your child playing on the playground. I am so excited that we have a park that we can go to that is walking distance since Gary and I only have one car.

So if you know Chloe, you know that she doesn't go any where with out her pink Glasses, she is very sensitive to the sun light. So you wonder hum she has new shades and a big rim "meme" hat on... You might wonder why? It wasn't because she out grew her shades no, in fact she was growing into her shades nicely. Let me share two lessons I learned on why she has new shades and a big hat...

lesson 1. never leave your fav. shades alone for a minute while you are changing her on the changing table at your water park, some one might want them more... (yes while changing her and leaving them on the changing table with her and grandma right there some one swiped them!)

lesson 2. Sunscreen doesn't mix well in the eyes... Poor Chloe. Yes mommy was being very protective of the uv rays that she went a little over board. I decided that she should have some sunscreen on her cheeks and her noise so being careful I did such. then I lathered her arms and legs... you can imagine that I also got her hands and so as soon as I was done she kept rubbing her eyes because of course this is her nap time and she could care less where we were or what we were doing she wanted to nap and rub her eyes. So now her right eye is watering and red I thought all right lets wash her little eyes and hands and face off and keep her out of the sun while at a water park. Luckily we had grandma and grandpa and Aunt Meme to hold her as she cat napped. So thinking that I got all her water babies spf 50 off of her face I thought oh good all is all right with her. 2 hours later she broke out in a rash on her cheeks... Luckily all she needed was a good bath. So now no more sunscreen on her face, she gets the biggest rim hat available.Chloe and mommy are happy!

Pictured above is us in our pool, a pre water park expiernce

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nathan n rachel said...

Sorry to hear about your sun glasses! That stinks.