Friday, June 26, 2009

all off our crap (I mean stuff)

So all of our stuff is on a moving truck, waiting to be unpacked tomorrow at 9am! We are officially homeowners! It's so nice to get movers to move our crap, I mean stuff, however we do have a lot of crap that we will be getting rid off, in late August we are having a get to know the Christensen's garage does that work? I mean we (I) have a lot of stuff and in order to keep our nice stuff nice we have to get rid of some of this stuff! Ive heard from several resources that late August is the time to have one so we will have two, one in Iowa Falls and then the stuff that doesn't sell will go to Des Moines at which I hope the rest will sell. So I have learned a lot about living with out "all" of your stuff for 5 months, that is:

1. you really only need so many clothes, the rest can go... you don't need to keep every single shirt from the last 5 years because you might wear it someday
2. I don't need more than 1 of the same kitchen tool/pan.
3. just because their was sentimental value to it doesn't mean you need to lug it around, take a picture of it and scrap book it, so you have the memory.
4. I don't need all that extra crafting fluff, you crafters know what I am talking about, extra stickers, paper scraps, fabric scraps, ribbon, cheap stamps, hobby lobby clearance crap... I could go on and on
5. if you haven't used it in 6 months you really really don't need it, however I always seem to make exceptions to this rule...

To make you understand, it took the movers, 7 hours to take everything that we have, that is with everything broke down like the beds and desks, all they had to do was sticker it and load it and it still took them 7 hours to do this. So your next question is omg how did you get all your stuff in your little two bedroom apartment? It's true I am a pack rat,that's my only explanation. I hope to break this cycle when we move and I have to unpack everything... if it's not important Its gone!