Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Family HIstory class

Some of you know that I am a Family History Consultant for my church, (lds) As a family History Consultant I get to show members and non members that are interested in starting their family history. I have the opportunity to do just that in a class setting at the Story City Library! I am truly excited to show other "family historians" our church's website and why we do family history. I will post my notes/outline after the class.

Meanwhile, my little brain has been thinking lets get to work, I was lucky enough to get a whole binder from my Aunt full of names and tidbits from "that" side of the family during the Thanksgiving season. although I have thumbed through it, I have not combed through it yet and do what I do, to preserve the history that I have in front of me. (More on that later) As I was going through I came across some death records, and notes and a whole bunch of other really cool papers. I thought I would share one of the death records with you. Although I don't know much about this guy other than, that he is 3rd great grandfather! He was born in North Carolina, a bunch of questions flood my mind with just one small document, Like, what made his dad leave to live in Northern Missouri/ Southern Iowa?

It is my goal to get as much family history I can find to understand where "I" and "our family" came from. I love the idea of learning about my family history it's a blessing to understand where we came from, I feel a sense of gratitude to those that did pass before me, I mean I do owe my existence to them right?

Anyways I am here to help you find out who you are! everything is online, I love that you can do this work at 3 am when the house is so quite and you can really sink your teeth into it. email me I would love to help you, even if you think there is no way to start, I will show you how.

too those that are working on your family history, GOOD LUCK.

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Michelle said...

Nice post on family history. I need to get going on mine. I do well for a week and then don't do anything for a year, so bad of me.