Monday, February 7, 2011


Valentines Day is here, or just about and I need some festive decorations for our house, so since I have gobs and gobs of ribbon thought It would be fun to make a ribbon wreath out of all the pinks and purple ribbons I have, I think it turned out really nice.

I have always been imtimdated bu quilting so when I needed a project to keep my busy during the long month of January I turned to sewing, it's very relaxing and I get so excited just thinking about sewing! So with a tiny craft budget I though I would use what I already have, tee shirts, lots of tee shirts, this is just one of many I will be making, Gary has a ton of shirts I need to cut up. Although this isn't the finished product, you can see how the quilt is laid out. I put black fleece for the backing, and sewed the right sides together and then turned it right side out and then sewed the edge again to make it look finished and then the last step was to tie it with embroidery floss! it's supper cozy and was a ton of fun to make...

What's my next project you ask? well, after working on my scrap book for last year I am working on an Alphabet collage for Chloe's room, pictures of that will be coming soon and then making around 500 cards for mother's day, I am involved with a project called Cards for Soldiers, we make cards for the soldiers so they can send cards to their loved ones. currently we have three units deployed from our area, with about 600 soldiers in each unit. we have two women working on this project, and it's super fun!

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