Monday, February 7, 2011


Yep that is right I have been clipping coupons wait did I say that out loud? Yep it's time I saved money, (Gary really likes this) and I like to shop, yes I admit I sometimes live for shopping days.. not at the mall, but at the stores that I can find good deals on things our family needs anyways. I think the thrill of shopping for me is finding a great deal and getting that deal when we need it. I could go on about how I get the deals that I do, but that would be bragging and frankly who really want's to hear about it on my blog isn't that what FB is for? So I would like to share some of my tactics (different than getting deals)
1. get every one to save their coupons for you, yep family and friends, gas stations, grocery stores I get about 10 coupon inserts each week, I have Hy-Vee hold their Sunday papers that don't get sold for me, so I get their coupons, I feel like I strike it rich each time I go to Hy-Vee Monday Morning, getting all the coupons from the left over Sunday papers is thrill! (can we say weirdo)
2. go through the adds you buy your grocery at, with a fine tooth comb. my adds are always marked up with the coupon and the unit price after the coupon. since I get 10 of the same coupons I can really stock up on the things that are on sale with the coupons, it's a great system.
3. keep all your coupons that you know you will use in a binder, yep that's right in a binder with folders, page protectors and base ball card page protectors, treat each coupon as if it's real money!
4. have a list ready of all the things you plan on buying at the store and don't buy something that isn't on that list!

still not convinced this is something worth while here are some great websites to cheek out

so since I have started really clipping coupons (end of December) I have quite the stock pile, or what I like to say food storage. I don't think I could ever pay full price for any grocery item, except those never go on sale never have a coupon for, like Nutella, (which is high in carbs anyways)

I can usually go and take half off my grocery bill, if not more, since I started I have always gotten half off of my subtotal using coupons. Now that is truly a good thing!

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Katie said...

Chloe is so big and precious. I love the quilt.

P.S. I love that you are getting into couponing at the same time I am. I have the baseball card binder too. You should try swagbucks:

I've already earned almost $15 just for searching the internet. I always search through it now, sometimes I search for google, win swagbucks, and then search on google. :)