Monday, February 8, 2010

Chloe's one!

Chloe's Birthday Cake was so fun to make, she was able to nap for most of the decorating. It has been a long time since I have decorated a cake, can you tell?

Chloe's Birthday decorations were amazing I love how it all came together nicely. The dot Garlands were by far the most impressive, along with her birthday banner I made.

Here is our Birthday Girl in Action, she played musical hearts with Grandma's help! notice the cheeto in her hand? yep she loves them, and can't get enough of them. I blame Grandma for that, Thanks Gma!

She didn't know what to think about her cake, she wasn't sure is she should just dig into it or not, this was at the end off her cake eating. She was too busy wanting to know what other people were doing when she was stuck in her high chair! in fact, she starting screaming as soon as I left to go get her a wet wash cloth to wash her up. I was really surprised she didn't want much to do with her cake.

this her on her Birthday we didn't go out at all on her Birthday, it snowed all day on Friday!

This is her Birthday Party at Home, Her friends from church came and celebrated with her we are truly blessed to have such wonderful family and friends to help celebrate her birthday!

Chloe loves her tutu and wants to wear it all the time, she also loves her unicorn she can get off all by her self and is learning to get on it all by her self...she is getting so mobile now!

my Favorite outfit she got from her birthday is this Osh Kosh denim skirt(thanks jd) with the snow boots Gma bought for her! I think she looks like our little rock star... watch out she'll be planing on the piano uncle joe bought her for her birthday soon!

I still can not believe how she is one! now she is wanting to walk, with out my hands, yes she took her first steps on Saturday after the party in Iowa falls! I am still amazed at how fast she is learning. I will have to get some pictures and video's of what she is doing. I taught her the sign for TOUCH DOWN for the super bowl this past week and every time we say yay she throws her hands up in the air and squeals and then claps, it's the cutest thing I have taught her. she is also learning to bang on everything and make noise with everything! we are in for alot of fun this next year!

Thank you to every one who has made Chloe's Birthday so special! It means so much to Gary and I for all your love and support over this first year, this year wouldn't have been so easy and gone by so fast if it wasn't for all your help!


Michelle said...

Wow one already, that went fast. Congrats on that milestone.

Jessica Sorensen said...

did you make the dot garland? What did you make them out of it is cute?

nathan n rachel said...

WOW! One already. She is a doll.