Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chloe 1 year appoitment

Chloe is our little skinny mini! I never thought I would say that but she is now just under 18lb (she didn't even gain a pound over the last 3 months! and she is 30 inches long... The doc is not to worried about her... I need to give her more butter and milk and cheese. ummm a butter diet.

So I finished my first ever sewing project with a pattern and everything went well, ok well might be an understatement, I learned a lot of things, firstly measure twice and cut once, how to replace a needle, how to put in a zipper and read the directions untill you can almost memorize them... I also found that youtube can teach you just about anything you need to know (thanks youtube and those that submitted sewing tutorials) with all that new found knowledge, this was a cutest thing I have created for me! For me this was so fun! I felt so impowered buy knowing that I could make something that I had all the creative power. It was so fun to pick out fabric that worked well with eachother, and then preparing the fabric was so fun! I loved how the pinks look it makes me smile and I know that, this is my first real sewing project, nothing is perfect, nope not even the easy parts like the handles but I will purse this purse around with a smile knowing that I did all by my self!

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Katie said...

Good job on the bag, it looks amazing.