Monday, October 26, 2009

I had a great time getting ready for the Halloween Party, I must say I love throwing parties and this one was the best holiday party I have thrown! We had a great time doing a popcorn relay out side! the kiddo's loved it, and the for the adults, we had a back to back balloon race, it was so fun I laughed the entire time! I hope to post recipes along with pictures of the food for everyone that wanted the recipes. What is so fun about having a Halloween party for kids is that they all really enjoyed it, they all loved the skeleton craft they made and everyone love playing the cheap balloons, playing bag-o, and the golf toss game. The treats were a huge hit, as I made monster cookies out of Oreos. reeses pieces and pretzels, my famous Autumn trail mix with M&M's , apple tarts with carmel and nuts and a scrumptious pork roast. It was such a fun party!

During our Pop Corn race, you had to get pop corn in to your bowl with a spoon but be careful, it's sorta windy that is why Elmo is holding his popcorn



this adorable Skeletons were great for the kids to make!


Aiden is trying to get lots of popcorn in his bowl... Go Darth Vader Go!


Playing out side on a beautiful afternoon

My sweet Daughter did have her costume on, and then she needed to take a nap right before the party got started! perfect timing huh? this is after her little cat nap and wanted her mommy isn't she cute?


This is my Favorite picture, you have Elmo and Darth Vader! what a cute combo! We love you Joe!


Our Princesses wishing by the wishing well..


We all had a great time and we will do it again next year!

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