Thursday, October 8, 2009

8 month pictures

here are pictures that I have taken for her 8 months, I refuse to go to a portrait studio since I can do a better job, and it's more personable/meaningful when I can do it. I love them all and I am not done but here are my favs!

That's right she is standing up on her own look out she might start to walk before she can crawl! Heaven Help me, how can she be a toddler so soon? Let me know what you think about these pictures, I am still on the edge on starting small photo sessions in IA falls.

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Sam and Chanell said...

so cute lisa! i love her bright blue eyes. so adorable. and i love the hairbow shes wearing. great job with the pictures. give me a call if ever you're in iowa city so that chloe and sofia can get properly introduced to each other!