Monday, April 13, 2009


This is Chloe's half smile, she is alert and has a personality that will make you laugh, she is wearing her Easter Dress, she had it on for about 3 hours until she had a blow out diaper... not all diapers are created equal and daddy still has a hard time getting the diaper "on" just right so she doesn't leak or have a blow out diaper!

Do you see her holding her Easter Basket like a big girl? isn't she cute!

Chloe's first Easter Egg Hunt! she was awake for the whole time and she was a big girl, she got to turn around and see everything in her carrier!

Time is flying by! Chloe is now 9 weeks old, and tomorrow will get her immunizations... Poor girl, or poor mom... we will see. Chloe is showing her personality more and more each day, she talks and talks (coos) all the time, you will ask her a questions and she will coo and then will want to hear what you have to say about it, I should try to get this on video it's so cute! Chloe is also starting to bat at toys soon she will start grabbing at them it's just a matter of time. She also is smiling at the dogs when she see's them and she is starting to squeal with delight instead of cooing! She is our doll!

So if you are wondering about Gary and I, we are still in the process of moving to Clear Lake. We are looking for houses in the area. Gary is now on his last rotation at Iowa Pharmacist Association (IPA.)only 4 more weeks until the week of his graduation! We are planing on having a graduation party for him on Memorial Day, all are invited and bring your swimming suits, you can swim or play bag-o and other fun out door things...

This Chloe's blessing picture, with Daddy! Chloe is in a cream knit pant and jacket set, with knited booties. Notice the small family picture in the back ground Gary is in the top middle, how funny is that?

This is Chloe at 7 weeks old, this was her birth annoucement picture that I took on March 16th

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nathan n rachel said...

Sounds like you guys had a good easter! Cute pictures.