Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rudy Rudy Rudy...

So flipping through the channels on Tuesday I found Rudy, it just started, so I had to watch most of it, while doing other things. In my minds eye I remember part of the movie, however forgot what the movie was all about... so when the ending came, I was in tears.. what a cute little guy! I now have one of my favorite movies that apparently Chloe enjoyed it too. She would coo and talk to me while watching tv, yes I know she is her fathers child but still it was cute that she liked it or at lest thought it was fun to watch... Oh yes and did I mention that it's Rudy season, Gary and I will see the Real Rudy on May 13th, at Gary's Graduation Supper for the Iowa College of Pharmacy! wow huh? Anyways I just wanted to share my favorite part of the movie, if you haven't see Rudy then you are missing out on a great movie!

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