Tuesday, January 6, 2009

When are we moving?

That is an excellent question... as soon as Chloe is here we will be moving. I guess she gets to decide. Gary has to stay for the four weeks in January until his rotations are done in the area, which means that the last week (week of my due date) is his week off and then he starts his other rotation in Mason City on February 6th. So the best we can say is that our move will be sometime before the first weekend of February. However as Gary and I both love to procrastant we have to be out of our appartment on Feb. 13th. That is just in case we need more time to pack, and move things.

Changes are happening, This week will be my last week of actually working for an employer for a long time! yay I am sure that I will free lance my photography skills after we move or when i feel like I am ready to start that up again. or who knows maybe I will get Hobby Lobby fever and want to work one day/night a week to keep the awesome discount, and of course there is always Pampered Chef that I want to keep up and there is talk about me wanting to do Close to My Heart stamps, if I need a creative outlet but for now I am just going to focus on trying to be a mom for a while.

Gary and I are really excited about the move. It's bitter sweet to move,we are both going to miss our friends from Iowa City, the University ward and the amazing pizza places there are to eat at. We are both sure that once Chloe is born she will also want Pizza as she is use to the yummyness that pizza is. anyways we still have maybe a month left... lots more memories to share for later times.

I will hope to post some things about Des Monies and Mason City soon. I love Des Monies, especially the Zoo and other venues that DSM has, so if you are not from Iowa you can experience Iowa in a new way.


mj jolley said...

Pizza... yummy... Is Chole due to arrive any earlier than my birthday? And tell Gary Congratulations on the MC job - that's not too far from us... :)

Michelle said...

You will be missed here in Iowa City, but I'm sure this move will be awesome for your family.

Best of luck with everything and at some point when we visit the zoo near you, we'll stop by to visit.