Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gary and I are so proud to announce that Gary accepted a job with Hy-Vee in their Mason City Pharmacy! So we are going to be living in the Mason City area, (north Central Iowa or in the middle of Des Monies and Minneapolis on I35) our move have already started as we are going to move back to Des Monies after Chloe is born which we will stay until Gary Graduates in May at which point we will then move to the Mason City area!

Just thought I would put this on our blog... more info to come!


Stephanie said...

Congratulations - that's so exciting! If I still lived in Iowa, I would drive to Mason City to get my prescriptions filled. :) What a fun time for your family!

Michelle said...

Congrats on taking the job. HyVee is a great company to work for.

I hope things work out wonderfully for you both!

Chelsea said...

Hey, does that mean you're moving in January? Or is that after Des Moines that you're going to Mason City? We're gonna miss you!

LDS Hansons said...
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LDS Hansons said...

Congrats on new baby girl and new job in Mason City!!!!! WOW you have your hands full.

Buxtons's moved to MC this past year. He is now Dr. Robert Buxton. Not sure where they live, but they are on facebook. Join facebook!

I have 2 grandchildren due this year on Feb. 8th induction a little girl - mom has gestational diabetes, but everything going good!

My youngest daughter is due May/2009 a girl.
It must be the year for girls.

Another friend of mine just had a baby boy abuot 3 weeks ago, 5lbs 3 oz. but he is growing like a weed.