Friday, January 30, 2009

the waiting game plan

So today is my due date... the date you anticipate for about 9 months, the day you are ready to pop and be parents to a new child. I don't think she is coming. Gary and I have tried our silly antics to get her motivated, I talk with her, read her books, tell her that she will love it here instead of inside of me, Gary told her that she has the best mommy, kisses my tummy, nothing is helping. She is content staying inside. I woke up this morning screaming because of a dream/nightmare I had, guess what it was about?

yep she would not come out, even when I was able to have (ready, and pushing) she some how wedged herself inside and would not come out! so in my very vivid pregnancy dream, that I blame hormones for, I witnessed my own emergency C-section, to every detail, the tools, the doctor, where they cut, and how they cut! To make things worse Gary was to excited to see her come out that he didn't even hold my hand and comfort me. Lets hope this does not happen. I am not one to be cut open unless I am completely sedated, which won't happen if it's an emergency! Of course when I woke up I screamed which then scared Gary and of course I was mad at him for not comforting me in my dream, So I made him cuddle with me until he fell back asleep. I have a new found gratitude for all mothers that go pass their anticipated due date.

So now the next week is totally in Chloe's hands, when she comes will also decide when we will be moving. Yes I hate to say it but this is what we know:

1. If Chloe hasn't came by Monday the 2nd, my doctor will scedule a day for me to get induced, I say the sooner the better,
2. the Inducement day will be on or before Thursday, the do all end all day.
3. this weekend we will be cleaning and getting MORE things packed up so we have just the "essentials" left to entertain us
4. After she comes, assuming that it's before thursday, we will leave on Thursday or Friday to live in Des Moines.

Thats the game plan, of couse I could go into labor this weekend, but we will still stay untill Thursday.

I hope that this answers some of those moving questions. Feel free to call me I love to chat, that seems to be the only good way to ease my annxiety... I am not very patent, when it comes to things like this and chating is a great way for me to not think about what is going on and not going on.


Chelsea said...

Well, this may not be the best suggestion, but I have a friend who sat on the washing machine while it was going to put her into labor and it worked!

Erin said...

What a scary dream Lisa. I think it will all go very well. I can't believe you have to move so soon after the baby. I hope all goes smoothly (and soonly--is that a word?)! Can't wait to see her.

Lisa said...

the washer might not work to well for me, but that is a great idea. Personally I think Chloe is ready but waiting for me to make it work..GRRR