Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Baking afternoon

Chloe's first real baking experience was great! as you can see she had fun tasting the candy.

Here is her contribution! she keept saying moe moe moe (more) as I was handing them to her her attention to detail was minimal... I love it she thought she was doing what mamma was doing!

Rollo Turtles are tricky, they look centered but when they melt in the oven for a couple minutes they move...

After the baking our little miss thought that it would be fun to wear my snow boots, after all who wouldn't want wear my awesome boots? she kept saying tuck tuck tuck (stuck) she wasn't able to walk.... gotta laugh! She also had to wear her apron I made for her, she thinks she's hot stuff in it and will walk around singing and twirling around... She has to grow in to the child's aporn I made for her!

After we made our turtles Chloe thought that it was time for her to get the oven mitts on, so after they were both on she went straight to the oven and tryed to open it don't worry the oven wasn't on and it wasn't hot any more...

here are the Christmas treats I made to give away, mint chocolate stars, supper easy, Thanks Michelle for the easy recipe, I have been using it for the past 4 Christmas's

Long story short: I have a cookie press, and I hate it, it doesn't work at all and I was press for time and didn't want to mess around with it any more so I made thumb print cookies, Since I wasted my time to use the dough as some sort of sugar cookie cut out I thought why not make thumb print cookies? They taste amazing with Raspberry Jelly, these are my new favorite cookies to make during the Christmas season, they are truly delicious.

I have always wanted to make Ginger bread cookies, I had the Molasses from last year that I didn't open so this year this was at the top of my list to make, oh my gosh I love them they taste amazing! the recipe is the mccormic's ginger bread cookie one

They taste great! It's always a great time of year to bake, and share your appreciation with those that serve you all year long. These treats are spoken for, After making 5 treat trays, and working on the treats for 3 days (here and there, not a straight 3 days) I am proud to give them away!

On a side note I did get together with friends and decorate them, Chloe liked sprinkling the colored sugar on the cookies for a minute and then decided that N.S toys were more intriguing than what mom was doing It's been a great Christmas to show Chloe all the wonderful magical moments this Christmas season has to offer!


Michelle said...

Your treats look fabulous. And I noticed you are baking on Pampered Chef stoneware, awesome!

How do you make those mice? Too cute.

Alanna said...

Dear Lisa,
I've missed you so much! Thank you for sharing your news and some of Chloe's milestones. :) She is a JOY! and beautiful besides. I hope that you are learning lots! We should talk sometime over the break. I love you!