Thursday, April 1, 2010

Car Seat caddy

my third real sewing project was this car seat caddy, I love it! there is room for all the stuff that I put on the floor when we go places. So now there is a spot for books, toys, juice boxes, even a spot of cd's, which will come in handy for long trips when I can sit back there with her!

I made if from a Mc Calls pattern, the hardest part about it all was encasing all the sides with bias tape, and making some, as I ran out! opps, I guess when they call for their brand name bias tape you better make sure the "other" brand name bias tape is the same length, oh well you can't tell that I ran out of blue bias tape right?

next week I am making one for the car (it going to be more girly) pink and black!

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