Friday, November 13, 2009

reasons why my posting is not very consistent:



Always picking up, and cleaning

visiting with family on the weekends

visiting our friends at the nursing home 2 blocks for our house

trying to nurse Chloe

Trying to Feed Chloe

Distressing after a battle of wills while trying to get Chloe to eat something

exercising on my Wii Fit

learning awesome new tricks in photoshop! (I can spend all my time on this)

Spending time with my girlies (Mel, Laura, Anya, and Jamie)

Talking on the phone with such Girlies

planning my grocery list for the next month so we can save money and time by going shopping once a month instead of 4x a month or more (This is a new thing that I am trying to do and it seems to be working out better than I imagined it)

Taking pictures of my sweet baby girl

editing pictures of my sweet baby girl

spending time with Gar (although I can't remember the last "real" date I had with him unless going to the temple is considered a "date")

and last but not least watching Martha Stewart!


So that has been why my posting is not consistent. Chloe had her 9 month cheek up and... she is perfect. although she hasn't gained any weight since 6 month the doc isn't too worried about her as she doesn't look like she is starving or anything. However he did say that she needs more milk! ahh that is the last thing a nursing mother wants to hear when she know her child is weaning, and when she hates formula, she spits it out and wants nothing to do with it! oh well I guess you can't have a perfect baby but she is so close!

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