Monday, November 2, 2009

I am so amazed at how fast Chloe is growing up can you believe it will be 9 months on Friday! wow just this week she is crusing and is standing for a short time! We got some baby proofing to do!

For Halloween we got to go to the nursing home that we volunteer/visit at, all the residence were so excited to see Chloe and loved her pokey the puppy costume! I felt sorta bad because they kept giving her "extra"candy that she will not be able to eat. One resident even gave her a unicorn Beanie Baby! It was so nice of the Heritage Care Center to have us go trick or treating, I guess that is where all the little kids go in town they expect about 700 trick or treaters, which I think is really amazing!

The whole month of October every one said that Ellis (our street) is the street to Trick or Treat and that we should have a lot of candy, so we bought more than what I would consider normal thinking we will be out by 7:00pm. We now have 4 or 5 bags of candy left! we didn't get as many as I thought, had we know we would have given out two to every one that came, we figured we had about 100 trick or treaters.

So does any one have any creative ideas what to do with left over candy?

Here is what's new with Chloe!

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