Monday, September 28, 2009

ahhh Free Time,

It's true what they say after the seventh month you start to feel..... like you finally get to do something other than baby stuff, don't get me wrong I still have to make myself pump, GRRRR but I am finally able to do some fun things with Chloe and with out her... my life is a little more balanced than it was before.

Chloe was able to play with Grandma for most of the Day on Saturday while Gary and I took a day trip to Winter Quarters (Florence NE.) to visit the temple, it was such a great experience, and hope to go back more often now that Chloe is older. For those that don't understand or wonder why we drive 3 and half hours to go, for 2 hours to go to a temple, I will explain in the best way I can.

As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we believe that every one has the chance to hear about the gospel and receive the ordinances of the restored Priesthood on earth, even those that have passed away, not being able to hear or by not accepting Christ's gospel on earth. We (temple worthy members) are then able to do ordinances on their behalf, like Baptisms, and other temple work including being able to seal families together forever. Sealings are the most important ordinances, as they let your family be together forever rather than just till you pass away, As Gary once put it, Sealings are like you are tethered together and some how when you are able to pass on to the next life you will know how or where to find them.

I go to the temple for our family, not just for Gary, and Chloe but for those I love, I am able to think about my relationship with each family member I love, and think about ways I can help them, or serve them. I love being able to feel my love for them as it's magnified in a way that you can feel our saviors love for them, and in turn I then want to do what ever it takes to let them feel that love. Going to the temple also makes me understand why I am staying home with Chloe, and why I don't spend all our extra money on stuff we don't really need, in short I learn that this life is to short to spend our time being idol and that I can look at the really big picture, I get to spend my eternal life with my family. and isn't that what Life should be all about?

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nathan n rachel said...

I'm glad you have some more free time. I think we can all use some free time.